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About MarkMarkVanGigantic

My passion for great beer began with a Guinness at age 18, in Italy of all places.  The idea that beer could have so much flavor inspired my personal study of craft beer, its origins, its traditions, its unique nuances for the last 30 years. Soon after my awakening to real beer I was determined to make my own and started home brewing in Chico,CA in the early 90’s.  The Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, in Chico, is where I met Indy. She came to the bar, by herself, to sample Sierra Nevada’s first India Pale Ale. From this point on, we loved beer together. My beer industry experience in VT includes consulting to craft breweries and craft beer bars, teaching classes on the brewing process at NECI and leading educational trainings and tastings for the VT beer industry. Read more about us >>

About Indy Mark-and-Indy-Ewald

Living in Chico, at the foot of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co between 1987-1996, fed my growing appreciation of craft beer. Back then, and in Chico, you either preferred the green or blue labels (Sierra Pale Ale or Porter).  Then one day, Sierra announced a new beer- India Pale Ale. I remember being so excited to try it that I went to the bar by myself even though my friends had all bailed on me. Thanks to Mark’s insatiable desire for beer knowledge, I have gleaned a lot over the years. From growing hops, to the brewing process, to beer industry trends, and exposure to outstanding brews from around the world.   Read more about us >>

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