We Take Care Of The Beer!

We take care of the beer, ensuring safe passage from independent brewer to craft beer lover.

We are proud to be shepherding these great breweries in our flocc to VT:

Four Quarters

Our 1st VT brand! The Shepherds are very proud to bring Four Quarters Brewing into our flocc of awesome indie breweries. A 4 barrel brewery, Four Quarters has been producing artfully crafted, responsibly sourced beers since 2014 in downtown Winooski. Owner Brian...

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Cascade Brewing

A pioneer in the Northwest style sour beer movement, Cascade Brewing is truly artisanal. In their blending house with more than 1400 French oak, Kentucky Bourbon and Northwest wine barrels, plus 9 foudres, these beautifully crafted beers are created from imagination...

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Boneyard Beer

We are pumped to shepherd Boneyard Beer to VT! The 1st state to pour their super high quality brews east of the Rockies. Boneyard’s home is Bend, OR, head shepherd Mark Ewald’s old stomping ground. Mark has been a dedicated fan of their hoppy, well balanced IPA’s like...

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Single Cut BeerSmiths

Hailing from Queens, NYC this fiercely independent brewery holds the bar high for themselves, making some of the finest IPA’s on the East Coast. We welcomed Mo’Shuggie IPA, Bon Bon IIPA and a few ½ barrels of Billy Half Stack IPA in our first two shipments.  At their...

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Marin Brewing Company

Brewer Arne Johnson is well known and admired throughout the brewing community. Since 1995 Arne has brewed award winning classic ales for Marin Brewing like Mt.Tam Pale Ale, 3 Flowers IPA, and Tiburon Blonde and so many more. We love the high quality, well balanced,...

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Altamont Beer Works

With beer names like Maui Waui, Dank Row and Ganja Juice, you know these beers will be loaded with hops. Altamont’s west coast IPA’s are all uniquely aroma filled and flavorful.  Although hops dominate at Altamont, they brew non hoppy winners like Berry White- a low...

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Berryessa Brewing Company

Berryessa is a 20 barrel craft brewery located in Winters,CA about 25 minutes west of Sacramento. Award winning brewer Chris Miller is brewing top quality, super drinkable beers.  Known for their Double Tap IIPA, their low abv  Mini Separation Anxiety Session IPA and...

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Culmination Brewing

Voted the best new brewery in Portland in 2015! Culmination Brewing opened in May 2015 after years of thoughtful and methodical planning. Owner and master brewer Tomas Sluiter has built  Culmination Brewing around the idea that sustainable manufacturing and building...

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Almanac Beer Co.

Almanac Beer Co. Farm-to-Barrel owners/brewers Jesse Friedman and Damian Fagan are at the forefront of the sour movement. Committed to supporting California agriculture, Jesse and Damien partner with small family owned farms to blend fresh fruit like peaches and...

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Basecamp Brewing Co.

Basecamp has been brewing innovative lagers and ales for the adventurous palate since 2012 at their brew house and taproom in the heart of Portland, Oregon’s brewery district. Their high quality beers are at the frontier of craft brewing as is their dedication to the...

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Foundation Brewing Co.

Foundation Brewing Company is passionate about brewing and sharing great beer with others. An independent artisanal brewery based in Portland, Maine these highly sought after small batch brews rarely make their way beyond the Maine border. Beer loving locals voted...

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Gigantic Brewing Co.

Gigantic Brewing Company is a tiny, independent, craft brewery located in Portland,OR. Brewer/Owners Ben Love and Van Havig are well-respected veterans of the Oregon brewing community. We love Gigantic IPA’s! Well balanced and super quaffable, we are stoked to deliver...

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Ground Breaker Brewing

Groundbreaker is a dedicated gluten-free brewery from Portland, OR. Their award winning beer is made with locally sourced chestnuts, lentils, sorghum and hops- no corn derived sugars, no coloring agents and no grain that has been chemically or enzymatically treated to...

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Moylan’s Brewery & Restaurant

Moylan’s Brewery has been winning awards for their high quality brews since it was established in 1995 by Brendan Moylan in Novato, CA. A trailblazer in the world of extreme hops, Moylan’s Hopsickle, an Imperial IPA, was first brewed in 2005. Dragoon’s Dry Irish Stout...

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Lompoc Brewing

Handcrafted Ales The Old Lompoc Brewery started producing handcrafted ales in Portland, Oregon back in 1996. Twenty years later, this 15 barrel brew house continues to put out high quality unique beers like their year round C-Note IPA and LSD (Lompoc Special Draft)...

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Schilling Beer Co.

Schilling is a progressive, European-influenced small-batch brewery located in NH's White Mountains. 99% of Schilling beer is sold on-site in Littleton, NH. The seven-barrel brewery and adjacent brewpub is housed in a restored 18th-century grist mill on the banks of...

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About MarkMarkVanGigantic

My passion for great beer began with a Guinness at age 18, in Italy of all places.  The idea that beer could have so much flavor inspired my personal study of craft beer, its origins, its traditions, its unique nuances for the last 30 years. Soon after my awakening to real beer I was determined to make my own and started home brewing in Chico,CA in the early 90’s.  The Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, in Chico, is where I met Indy. She came to the bar, by herself, to sample Sierra Nevada’s first India Pale Ale. From this point on, we loved beer together. My beer industry experience in VT includes consulting to craft breweries and craft beer bars, teaching classes on the brewing process at NECI and leading educational trainings and tastings for the VT beer industry. Read more about us >>

About Indy Mark-and-Indy-Ewald

Living in Chico, at the foot of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co between 1987-1996, fed my growing appreciation of craft beer. Back then, and in Chico, you either preferred the green or blue labels (Sierra Pale Ale or Porter).  Then one day, Sierra announced a new beer- India Pale Ale. I remember being so excited to try it that I went to the bar by myself even though my friends had all bailed on me. Thanks to Mark’s insatiable desire for beer knowledge, I have gleaned a lot over the years. From growing hops, to the brewing process, to beer industry trends, and exposure to outstanding brews from around the world.   Read more about us >>

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