We here at VT Beer Shepherd are avid drinkers and lovers of KIS Kombucha! Our first non-alcoholic kombucha brand.

KIS is the creation of craftsman, Andras, who has been a kombucha drinker for years. He began his craft by home brewing kombucha in his kitchen, looking for that light, crisp, approachable taste that all could enjoy.

And well, he nailed it with KIS Kombucha.

Andras started by selling KIS to local health food stores and vending at farmers’ markets.  The demand was clear and the feedback was so positive, that soon KIS was growing. VT Beer Shepherd now works with Andras to share his fantastic kombucha brews all throughout Vermont.

KIS flavors include: Jasmint, Lavender Lemon, Beet Lemon, Carrot Ginger, Sour Cherry Rose, and Concord Grape. Andras has also created an absolutely delicious and much requested CBD kombucha, which has a bight and refreshing lime taste. All of these flavors can be found both in bottled cases as well as kegs.

Why KIS?  Keep It Simple….that’s why!

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