The spirit of Dust Bowl Brewing Co. was born decades ago thanks to one family’s unwavering passion for adventure and immeasurable dedication to one another.  The Great Depression coupled with life in the Dust Bowl corridor had nearly dried up everything the Tate family had – except, of course, their thirst for success and love for each other.Ultimately, the Tates survived and settled in California, where they raised their children to appreciate hard work, love for family, a hearty sense of humor, and a craving for new frontiers.

Fast forward to 2006 to Turlock, California, home of Brett Tate (a third generation of the Tate family).  Brett was cultivating a passion for brewing and searching for a way to make his dream a reality when he met Don Oliver, an experienced home brewer, who was looking to start a brewery.  In 2011, Brett Honoré joined the partnership and they opened a tap room.  A new 30,000 square foot taproom and brewery was constructed in 2016.

We are honored to have Dust Bowl Brewing as part of our flocc!

Please visit their website to learn more: Dust Bowl Brewing Company