Prost! We’re Vermont Beer Shepherd.

Vermont Beer Shepherd is a new wholesale craft beer distribution company hailing from Waterbury, Vermont in the heart of the Green Mountains. We are a small independent, family owned distribution co. committed to providing an outlet for the small independent craft brewer. The craft beer market is exploding, and discriminating beer drinkers want access to what’s new, fresh and exciting. Vermont Beer Shepherd’s mission is to corral and protect a diverse floc of craft brands from around the globe ensuring a safe passage from independent brewer to beer lover so the consumer has the best beer experience possible. We are the Ewald family, Vermont Beer Shepherd owners, and we share an unshakable passion for craft beer. After tasting one too many old or mishandled beers we decided to take action to provide other avid beer lovers like us with consistently fresh, quality craft beer. By closely tending to each step of the journey, we assure every beer will reach the beer lover’s lips exactly as the craft brewer intends. Each beer is unique and has its own shelf life. Our ever changing, small batch approach guarantees you can count on Vermont Beer Shepherd’s selection to always be current, seasonally appropriate, high-quality and in it’s prime.

Mark, Indy & Will Ewald

What folks are saying about VT Beer Shepherd…

We’re honored to have our beer distributed by VT Beer Shepherd!

- Schilling Beer Co.

High fives all around for great craft beer!

Basecamp Brewery

Awesome to have access to this…great news for Vermont!

- Beer lover

Vermont Beer Shepherd Rocks!!

- Avid fan

About Mark

My passion for great beer began with a Guinness at age 18, in Italy of all places.  The idea that beer could have so much flavor inspired my personal study of craft beer, its origins, its traditions, its unique nuances from Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Austria, the Northwest and all over the US for the last 30 years. Soon after my awakening to real beer I was determined to make my own and started home brewing in Chico,CA in the early 90’s.  The Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, in Chico, is where I met Indy. She came to the bar, by herself, to sample Sierra Nevada’s first India Pale Ale. From this point on, we loved beer together. In 1997, a job offer from Long Trail Brewing for production manager brought us to VT. I accepted the job but insisted I start as a brewer for the experience of making 2000 gallons of beer at a time. MarkVanGiganticThe first decade living in VT, we were discouraged by the lack of high quality beer available. I thought we were going to have to move!  Two memorable events, however, convinced me their was hope for good beer here- the law changing to allow higher alcohol beers to be produced and sold and The Alchemist brewpub opening it’s doors in Waterbury,VT. My beer industry experience in VT includes consulting to craft breweries and craft beer bars, teaching classes on the brewing process at NECI and leading educational trainings and tastings for the VT beer industry.  I also designed and sourced The Crop’s brewing system; was the craft brand manager for Calmont Beverage, and worked on the retail side at Craft Beer Cellars in Waterbury,VT. Ultimately, my motivation to start a craft beer distribution company came from the realization that existing distribution does a poor job at shepherding the craft beer from small independent brewers to the discerning and ever expanding craft beer palate.  Most beer distribution companies are set up to fulfill the needs of the macro breweries.  The independent small craft brands need an independent small distribution company to properly care for, promote and deliver the beer.  That’s why we created VT Beer Shepherd.

About Indy

Living in Chico, at the foot of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co between 1987-1996, fed my growing appreciation of craft beer. Back then, and in Chico, you either preferred the green or blue labels (Sierra Pale Ale or Porter).  Then one day, Sierra announced a new beer- India Pale Ale. I remember being so excited to try it that I went to the bar by myself even though my friends had all bailed on me. The pursuit of great beer for me has always been a fun and interesting way to navigate on a road trip, pair with great friends and food, and the best excuse for happy hour.  Thanks to Mark’s insatiable desire for beer knowledge, I have gleaned a lot over the years. From growing hops, to the brewing process, to beer industry trends, and exposure to outstanding brews from around the world I am proud to say I have more beer knowledge than the average Jane! But really, my biggest contribution to VT Beer Shepherd? I know an outstanding beer when I taste one.   I am excited to launch VT Beer Shepherd for these reasons:

  1. I will be guaranteed awesome beer all of the time!
  2. It’s fun to share.
  3. The beer industry is loaded with good people and interesting characters.
  4. It’s a family business in which Mark, myself and our adult children can earn a living doing what we love.


Tastings With The Shepherds

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